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Little Miss Everything is a girl's clothing boutique and party place in Brentwood, California. We celebrate and help grow confident and happy girls. We sell custom and in-stock shirts, onesies, leggings, and more. We love to host birthday parties. 

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Little Miss Everything Location Update

Renae Gonzalez

Ok my friends, I thought it was about time I hop on here and give you an update since the last time I posted about our move was a month ago. First of all, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your support and kind wishes. The experiences and memories I've made in this location have been some of my favorite memories I'll cherish forever and hearing all your kind words about the shop makes me so happy we created something that people truly enjoyed.

I love our location and I love my building. When I decided to come on board in 2010 and take over in 2011 the location and building 100% played into that decision. I grew up in Brentwood and had some of the fondest childhood memories in Downtown Brentwood and wanted that same experience for my children and for me and for our community. I love this part of town and Downtown Brentwood has been so good to us for the last seven years I've spent at 220 Oak.

My lease ends with my current owner the end of this month. I've got two more weeks. 14 days. This week after putting it off for far too long I finally got in the mindset it's time to start to pack and say goodbye to over seven years of memories. We will be open and operating the next few weeks but slowly packing and moving behind the scenes with a big push the last couple days once parties are over to get everything out.

As fate may have it yesterday, while in full on packing mode I received word that I could have the opportunity to stay and extend my lease month to month until the end of this year (which is what I wanted when I first heard the shop was being sold). While I'm so grateful for the generosity of the future owner to make that offer I've decided it's best for me and for Little Miss Everything to leave at the end of this month. We are all about planning and events and we've had to postpone planning and turn away events for future months and that on top of knowing leaving the location is in our future has been a struggle for me and I've decided it's best to "rip off the bandaid" and make the move sooner than later. I'm not going to lie. The next two weeks will be tough for me. The last month and a half has been tough. But I know it's going to be tough whenever we move and want to focus on the future and big things we will create and not try to hold on to the shop in it's current location for just a couple more months because I know it won't make it any easier.

We will head online and we will work to make whatever we do or offer AMAZING and I'll always keep an eye open for a new storefront if I happen to stumble across something that feels right. We already have some really fun things in the works. You're going to see a new rebranding and we will be creating an online brand that focuses around raising little girls who are confident and strong and believe they can grow up to do anything they want. πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 I've also become the publisher for Macaroni Kid Brentwood CA and can not begin to explain the amount of value that will bring to our community. If you have kids or are looking for family friendly events make sure to check it out and subscribe because in the two weeks I've been a publisher I've already heard such good feedback and have had people tell me they use Macaroni Kid Brentwood to help them plan their day. If I can't host events for kids at our location you better believe I'll make sure you find places who do for you to take your kids! I'm also on the Sparkle Hustle Grow team helping female entrepreneurs grow as business owners and will continue to work at A Jump Ahead Preschool twice a week and get to be my younger daughter Emmy's teacher this year (It will be my 7th year there so I'm excited for another great school year). I'll miss the storefront more than you'll ever know but I'm excited for the future and to have a little more time to put towards my other adventures and hanging with family and friends.

Thank you guys so much for always being so supportive for everything we've ever done. It's seriously been a dream being able to do what I do for as long as I have done it. I'm so lucky my girls got to be so involved in my business and definitely continue to make them a part of our online adventure. I'm also have to give my amazing husband the biggest thank you for always being so supportive and letting me live out all my crazy dreams. PLEASE if you get a chance the next two weeks come visit us and say hi at 220 Oak Street. We will have two more open plays during the Farmers Market and have a story time this weekend and a crafternoon next Wednesday that still have spots left! Thank you all so much! 😘😘😘

                     xo Renae Β 


220 Oak Street

Renae Gonzalez

The last couple weeks I've had trouble trying to figure out how to write this post. It's caused sleepless nights and many rewrites but as time continues to tick I know it's time to hit publish.

Being a business owner is an experience unlike one you can ever fully describe to someone unless they experience it themselves. You are never in control. You can think you are. You can have systems in place and be a smooth oiled machine but just when you think you've got it all figured out something else arises and again you're left to figure it all out again. I like to think I'm pretty good at being able to figure it out (again and again and again). I always tell my employees I have back up plans for our back up plans. There's always a plan B, C, D and E. We don't fail. To some we "just host children's parties and events" but we are responsible for keeping your children's spirit's young and their eyes filled of wonder.

As a business owner recently I've encountered my biggest obstacle yet. It's one that will be a journey for myself and my business and because it also will affect our customers I wanted to make sure and keep everyone in the loop along our journey. If you've driven by our lot within the last few weeks you might have seen a "Building for Sale" sign in the corner of the lot. My landlord has been absolutely amazing every second I've been their tenant but sadly they have decided to sell the buildings we currently rent for Little Miss Everything. This does not mean anything immediately for us. We will be at 220 Oak Street AT LEAST through August 31st and no matter what our address or location will be after that Little Miss Everything will continue. This does mean however our time at 220 Oak Street may be coming to an end after next month.

Within these four walls a lot of magic has taken place. I've been fortunate to see the dreams of little girls and boys come to life and your children have helped make some of my wildest dreams come true. If there's just a one percent chance we would be moving I want to give everyone a fair chance to experience that magic within these walls at least one more time if they'd like. We have amazing regulars we see every week at Farmers' Market and people who started simply as a customer turn into a friend because of their amazing support and willingness to continue to think of us time and time again. I know if there's a small chance we might leave it's not enough notice to give our customers a "we are moving next week" note. They need more time to experience our current home. They need another Handmade Market. They need six more weeks of Saturday morning craft and play so that is why I'm up late and letting you know there's a chance our home might change.

Although we might not call 220 Oak Street a home for much longer I'm sure the magic isn't confined to just these four walls. In 2009 I had just been laid off from teaching and made my way into a shop called Little Miss Everything as a newly pregnant, newly unemployed young adult. One might think that I was down on my luck then but had those events never happened I never would have started working and shortly thereafter owning Little Miss Everything. I am a true believer in everything happens for a reason. There are too many instances in my life that I can pinpoint an event that changed my path for the better.

As much as I envisioned myself, my children, and my business calling this plot of land our second home for far longer than this I know what lies ahead for myself and Little Miss Everything is more than I can even imagine right now. We don't have an exact move date yet nor do I completely know where we'll end up next but we will definitely keep everyone informed on our changes (and spend the six weeks making the most of our Downtown Brentwood home... we have a jam packed schedule of events planned). As always, thank you all for your continued support in everything we do. So blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives.

xo Renae


Our next DIY String Art Class link is now live!

Renae Gonzalez

Huge congratulations to our friend Shelly of Strungout by Shelly on her article in the East Bay Times!  Make sure to head here and read her whole article on her amazing string art and our monthly classes we host at the shop!

Partnering with Shelly has been an absolute blast! If you haven't been to one of her classes yet she makes the process so fun and makes you feel like an absolute rock star! She does all the hard work behind the scenes so it's just hammering and stringing (and maybe enjoying a beverage and laughs with friends at our events).

Our next DIY String Art class at the shop will be Saturday, July 29th from 6-8PM. Spots are limited and sell out so make sure to sign up now! Our event this time (by popular demand) will be a themed Disney night where you can choose either a Mickey or Minnie design! We've had many requests for a Disney night so we've listened! If the mouse isn't your thing don't worry- we will be posting our next class soon! Make sure to leave a comment about which design you'd like to see at our next event and check out all Shelly's work on her Instagram!

Celebrate the 4th of July in Downtown Brentwood!

Renae Gonzalez

Looking for something to do the morning of 4th of July? Wake up nice and early, put on your red, white and blue, and head to Downtown Brentwood for the 4th of July Parade and Celebration! 


Festivities begin at 9AM. No need to pre-register just have the kids come dressed how ever they'd like (they can even decorate their wagons and bikes too) for the Children's Parade. Check in will take place at 1st and Delta Ave (Walk down First Street towards Garin Elementary and you'll find it). The route will go down 1st Street and turn right on Oak Street and will end right at the City Park. 


While walking the parade route make sure to check out all the Downtown Businesses decorated in red, white, and blue. 


Immediately following the Children's Parade will be the 4th of July Parade. Local organizations and groups will make their way down the parade route decked out in red, white, and blue. 

Once the Parade is over the party is just getting started. Β 

Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department has been working hard to throw a classic 4th of July celebration filled with down-home fun. City Park lawn will be filled with games like cornhole plus giant Jenga and Connect Four sets. Barbecued food and refreshments will be available to purchase for lunch as well as delicious treats like popcorn, cotton candy and snowcones. 

Bring your camera and get ready to snap some pictures because there will be plenty of picture opportunities. The original Brentwood sign is all set up by the community center for the perfect 4th of July family snapshot. 


So set those alarms bright and early and we will see you Downtown tomorrow morning for the festivities because life really is #betterinbrentwood. Β 

June 15th, 2011

Renae Gonzalez

June 15, 2011 I officially became the owner of Little Miss Everything. Six years of this adventure. I actually spent a little over a year as part of the shop prior to taking over helping plan parties and events and tutoring on the side (so I've been living the LME life for OVER SEVEN YEARS... but who's counting?! 😜) One day I asked the previous owner if she ever wanted to sell the shop to think of me first and within weeks I was a business owner with little business knowledge. Looking back I can't believe how I just dove in head first (and can't believe some of the rookie mistakes I made) but I am so fortunate for every up and down of this adventure and so happy for the people the shop has brought into our lives throughout the years. This past year has brought me some of the best experiences and highest highs as a business owner and has also thrown the biggest curveballs and really tested me. So thankful for the amazing staff I've had throughout the years, the best customers and friends a girl could ask for, and the most supportive family that continues to put up with my crazy ideas and celebrate the highs and lend a shoulder for the lows. Thank you all so much for being part of this adventure! Here's to six years! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Β 

April at Little Miss Everything!

Renae Gonzalez

I hope everyone had an amazing Spring Break! Ours was full of spontaneous adventures and fun! Poor Justin had to work most of the break but the girls and me had a few days of free time so we started to look for a fun place to visit. We came across the website for Flower Fields and being a fan of flowers and colorful pictures (and a good picture location) we had to take a trip to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. If you never have heard of the Flower Fields it's definitely worth the trip down South because boy oh boy was it A-MAZING!


Fifty acres of flowers and amazing colors. The girls had a blast and the Flower Fields did a great job catering to kids. The girls got little adventure maps that they carried around the whole place with different places to visit and get stamps to complete their visit. It was a lot of walking but they did great and were so into it!


We had plenty of picture opportunities and left with a ton of pictures and even more memories. The girls had such a great time taking (and posing for pictures). They even had an place to mine for gems and a play structure to play on. 


When we were heading back North the blue water was calling our name so we had to make a quick pit stop to the beach. We were not prepared at all with bathing suits, towels, or sunscreen (bad mom alert) but those crashing waves and crisp air was something we couldn't drive past. The girls collected shells (and got a little more tired out which led to great car naps later). 


When within a 100 mile radius of Disney we always fins a way to end up there. We stayed the night in Anaheim before heading back home so of course we had to do both a quick night visit and a morning trip to the happiest place on Earth before heading back home on the road. We missed Justin but a quick girls trip was just what we needed and it's definitely a tradition I'd like to continue! 


Now that break is over and school is back in session we are ready for an April at Little Miss Everything jam packed with fun! Saturday, April 8th we host our monthly Handmade Market from 8:30AM-12:30PM. We hosted our first 2017 market last month and the event picked up right where it left off last season so I am even more excited for this months event. We will have Handmade Businesses for everything from wood work to knitting to soaps and everything in between. Shop local and handmade and join us Saturday, April 8th! For more information make sure you follow us on Instagram where we give daily looks into the event! 

Sunday, April 9th we have a very special visitor hosting a Crafternoon (an afternoon of crafts... crafternoon... lol). Princess Belle will be back hosting a two hour event where guests will get to create and take home Beauty and the Beast inspired crafts and get pampered with a Belle inspired up-do. Spots are limited so make sure to spread the word and sign up now! 

If partying with princesses is more your thing bring your little one to join us Friday, April 14th for a Princess Pajama Party hosted by Queen Elsa. From 6-7:30PM the queen and all her guests will rock out and play games in their favorite PJs. We will even read them a bedtime story fit for royalty so when you pick them up they are all set for sweet dreams. We only have a couple spots left for our Pajama Party so do not miss out!  

Rounding out our Princess Events in April we will have our Sunday Story-time with Princess Rapunzel. Come for a quick hour event complete with a story and coordinating craft. Make sure to sign up now for our always popular story-times! 

We are preparing for our busy summer season and can not wait to show you all we have planned! We just released two very special summer camps (Our Young Entrepreneur Camp and the Mermaid Academy)! These two camps will be JAMMED PACKED with activities you will only get at these events and exclusive items your little one will take home for participating. If you are looking for something for your little one to do this summer these camps will be a creative outlet for them to have fun while learning new skills and using their imaginations! Make sure to check them out because I'm doing my very best to make sure these are two events that you won't find any where else! 

Looking forward to spending April with you all! We love getting to entertain your little ones and work hard every day to come up with new ideas for all of you! Thank you for all your support and we can't wait to see you all soon! 


February at Little Miss Everything!

Renae Gonzalez

Whoa 2017! Slow down already! One month down (in the blink of an eye) and it's already February. While I'm a little sad time is moving at the speed of light, I am SUPER excited to tell you all about our February at Little Miss Everything! I've got two words for you- ACTION PACKED!

We are wasting no time by starting off this weekend filled with hosting parties (thank you all SO MUCH for thinking of us to celebrate with your little miss!). If you are planning on booking a party with us any time soon DO NOT WAIT! Our weekend dates are filling up WAY too fast and we already have parties booked in June so It's not too early to get your date in the books! 

We are kicking off our month full of events by partnering with Garin and Marsh Creek Schools for their Family Sweetheart Dances! Friday, February 10th if you plan to attend either schools dance make sure to book your spa service at Little Miss Everything first! We are giving 50% of your service right back to the school! 

You know we love any reason to celebrate and this month we have plenty of reasons! Monday, February 13th we are throwing not one, but TWO Valentine's Day Parties! Our morning session is already full but if you are wanting your little one to join us we still have a couple spots left in our afternoon party from 2-5PM. Not only do they get to craft, play games, and have fun with us but they will take home a special valentine's day inspired t-shirt (the shirt alone is a $20 value!). Sign up now because spots will be gone by the time you finish reading this newsletter!

Friday, February 17th is an event that is near and dear to my heart! It is National Random Acts of Kindness Day and we are hosting our second annual Random Acts of Kindness Day Celebration from 3-5PM! This event is completely free to attend and will be fun for the whole family! Make sure to head over to our Facebook event page to RSVP and invite friends. We will be giving away some free things that day (can't tell you yet but I will tell you soon) so make sure to head to the page to be the first to know so you don't miss out on the goodness. We will be fundraising for the Non-Profit Kind Campaign with funds from that day! I am a Kind Campaign Kind Ambassador and we will be starting up a Kind Club this year. If you would like more information on our Kind Club please comment below or head into the Facebook event page and comment there. 

If you know a Bride to Be then make sure to tell her to mark her Calendar for Saturday, February 18th. We will be participating in Downtown Brentwood's 8th Annual Brides Day Out. This is a free event that takes place in the businesses around Downtown Brentwood and is a must-attend event for anyone who is planning an upcoming wedding. There are over $1,000 in grand prizes offered just by participating in a free "blackout style" bingo card and if you attend make sure to head to Little Miss Everything first because we are giving the first 25 Brides that come into our shop that day a FREE "Here Comes the Bride" tote bag! 

Sunday, February 19th we are rounding out our event filled weekend by hosting Peace.Love.Swap's Baby & Kids Clothing and Gear Swap! Fun will take place in our parking lot from 9AM-10:30AM and we will be open early for shopping and free play. For all the details make sure to head to the Peace.Love.Swap Facebook page. 

We are ending February with the return of our Princess Story-time! Sunday, February 26th is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day and we thought who better than one of our favorite princesses to tell us all a story! We will have two readings that day so make sure to sign up now before spaces are full! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your continued support. I love what I do and I am so lucky to have such a supportive community behind me! Whether it's at one of our events or just a quick stop in to say hi during the week, we'd love to see you soon! Have something you'd like to see soon at our shop? Leave a comment below and we will do our best to make it happen! Make sure to follow us on Instagram too if you don't already to stay up to date on our daily happenings! 

Shout out to the always amazing Fiesta Flix Photography for taking some of the pictures above!

Meet the Maker: Erina Llamas from NeNe Always from the Heart

Renae Gonzalez

Erina Llamas started NeNe Always with Heart after becoming medically retired in 2013. She specializes in making the most beautiful rosaries along with other handmade jewelry pieces. For her, this isn't just a hobby or a job, this is her passion. And it is something she is able to do while, most days, she has to sit or lay down. Help her to keep her hands busy by contacting Erina through her Facebook page: Nene Always with Heart. Find her unique pieces on Etsy and take home one of her jewelry pieces at out next Handmade Market on Saturday, November 19th from 8:30AM to 12:30PM (hosted in our Little Miss Everything parking lot in downtown Brentwood. Mention this blog post and save $5 on your purchase! 

Meet the Maker: Lazara Borbon of L&M Personal Creations

Renae Gonzalez

L&M Personal Creations is just one of Lazara Borbon's full time gigs- her other, being a mom. Her business started out as a hobby and has since evolved into pairing sassy sayings with lots and lots of glitter on wine glasses, coffee mugs, and water bottles. She also creates custom wood signs and glass blocks for home decor. Browse her vast collection on Facebook or Instagram and receive 10% off your order when you mention this blog post! Purchase straight from her display at the upcoming Handmade Market (hosted by Little Miss Everything) on Saturday, November 19th from 8:30AM to 12:30PM! 

Meet the Maker: Olivia & Gayle of Livi's Lovelies

Renae Gonzalez

Meet Livi's Lovelies, a creative mother-daughter duo, Olivia & Gayle, that make infant and children's products to "help make a mom's life easier." These helpful items include carseat canopies, nursing covers, door latch silencers, personalized burp cloths, and so much more! After Gayle retired and Olivia had a daughter of her own, the two teamed up to make items for Olivia's daughter the began to receive lots of attention from friends. After requests for many of their items, they decided to open a shop on Etsy to share these products with everyone. We've been blessed to have them join us this year at multiple Handmade Markets. Find them on social media through Facebook and Instagram. For a little shopping of your own, visit their Etsy page and use the coupon code LittleMissEverything for 15% off at checkout.

Relay for Life of Brentwood- Join the Little Miss Everything Team!

Renae Gonzalez

This June, Little Miss Everything is participating in a very important event and we would love for you to join us! Saturday, June 25th- Sunday, June 26th is Relay for Life of Brentwood. 

What is Relay for Life?

Relay for Life is a 24-hour event to honor those touched by cancer and fundraise for the American Cancer Society. It is a Family-friendly environment for the entire community. Teams of people camp out around a track (at Heritage High School) and members of each team take turns walking around the track. Because it's a team event, individual participants are not required to be there the entire time (but it's so much fun, you'll find it hard to leave!)

Join our team!

We will be at Relay for Life in June and we would love for you to be with us! Join our team and on  June 25th we will set up camp on a mission to make a change in a fun, family-friendly style! Our team is open to anyone! I will be there with my husband and daughters as well as our co-workers, family, and friends! We would love for you to hang with us! We plan on being there the whole 24 hours so you can stay as little or as long as you'd like! To join our team simply go to our team page and sign up. If you would like more information feel free to visit us at the store or email me at 

If joining our team is not for you- do not worry! You can still donate to the cause! Head directly to our team page to make a donation to the American Cancer Society or stay tuned from now until the event and we will have special days where we contribute a portion of sales to the American Cancer Society plus other fundraisers too! 

Thank you for the support!

Five free things to do with the kids in Brentwood before Easter

Renae Gonzalez

Spring is here and Easter is just days away! If you're like me you are wondering what you can do around town with the kids this week. Here are five free ideas to spend your last days before Easter. 

1. Photos with Mr. Flop P. Ears at the Streets of Brentwood  Mr. Flop P. Ears will be at the Streets of Brentwood through through March 26th from 11AM-6PM. Visits with Mr. Flop P. Ears are always Free, however no personal cameras are allowed to take photos. They do offer pictures available for purchase. 

2. Visit the Brentwood Farmers' Market The Farmers' Market is back and in full swing! Visit the market on Oak and First Streets this Saturday (and every Saturday through November 19th) from 8AM-12PM. One of the best Farmers' Market's around you can be sure to get fresh produce and other great finds while shopping local at the same time!

3. FREE Easter Craft and Play at Little Miss Everything While you are Downtown Saturday morning make sure to stop into Little Miss Everything with the kids from 9AM- noon for a Free bunny craft and free play. We will be offering $5 mini-manis and $3 glitter tattoos and every purchase will get a chance to pick an Easter Egg filled with an instant savings! 

4. Visit a Park The City of Brentwood has over 50 amazing parks throughout town. With the forecast showing sunny skies through Sunday it's the perfect week to visit an old favorite or explore and try a new park!

5. Head to the Brentwood Library The Library is a great free option to keep kids entertained. Our Brentwood Library offers organized story times (like Toddler Play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30) or has a kids section to keep kids busy during store hours. It's guaranteed fun for the kids (bonus you get a reason to tell them they have to be quiet!)

Have a blast this week what ever you end up doing! If you have any other free or low cost ideas around town be sure to leave them in the comments section! Thanks so much! 

Five reasons why you should Shop Small this Saturday (and every other day!)

Renae Gonzalez

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday! In 2010, American Express Launched Small Business Saturday, a day to encourage people across the country to support, small local businesses. In 2011, The Day became official and businesses have been teaming up with American Express to spread the #shopsmall movement. But with all the deals online and in Big Box stores you might be wondering why you should take time out of your day tomorrow and head to your local small businesses. I could list a hundred but here are five reasons you should Shop Small tomorrow (and every other day of the year).

1. You are more than just a customer. You are extended family. Every single person who walks through a small business matters. You don't have to receive a fake welcome greeting you might receive elsewhere (or get no greeting at all). The conversations are genuine and the relationships are real. I have had customers who I have come to me for the last five years for birthday outfits, or when they need something for a special occasion or family milestone I am one of the first to know. I am watching their children grow up and they are watching mine. They are more than just a transaction. 

2. Your purchases are more than just dollar signs. Yes you might pop into a small business just to browse and end up purchasing a small something. You might not think anything of it every again. But it was more than just a purchase. Before that item made it into a small business their was thought (and if it was handmade like some of our items a lot of love and time) put into that item ending up in the shop. When you purchase something it's validation that small business is doing something right. We take it personal and we are so grateful for each and every transaction. 

3. You money literally helps a family (or multiple families) survive. You've seen the stats and signs on shopping small. You might walk right by them and think it's just a gimmick to get you into that small business. But the money you spend at a small business literally goes right back into the community (after expenses like rent, insurance, payroll and all that fun stuff gets paid). 

4. Small businesses have character. You can find one of a kind or unique items when you pop in to your local businesses. Displays are set up, stores are filled with special finds. I LOVE when I travel because I always make sure we head to the Downtown area because that's where the charm is. Every shop has a story and every detail has been a process. Your feedback and opinions can help shape that store too. You can mention you wish they carried this or you think they should have that and it will actually be listened to and you might come back the next time and see your suggestions and know you made a difference. 

5. Shopping small helps keep Brick and Mortar businesses from going extinct. I've seen too many small businesses come and go. Every shopping center or Downtown area you visit you can see vacant buildings. Shopping and doing business online may be more convenient but the people who put their businesses out there and open up shop are taking a chance (and drastically increasing their expense). Skip the large crowds in Malls and Big Box stores and pop into your local retail stores, boutiques, restaurants, and other stores that take a chance in having a store front in these changing times. 

Sales are tempting and shopping online while sitting in the comfort of your own home can be way too easy but this Holiday season head to your local Downtown area, or other small businesses, and give them a chance too. You might be surprised and find even better items and deals than you thought you were getting elsewhere. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read our blog. Subscribe now to stay up to date and make sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram!

Your Guide to a Successful Winter Walkabout in Downtown Brentwood

Renae Gonzalez

This Saturday, November 21st make Downtown Brentwood a must stop location. Between the hours of 2-5PM the Downtown Businesses are hosting our Annual Winter Walkabout followed by the lighted Holiday Parade starting at 5PM. 

As both a mom and a shop owner I LOVE this event! It is truly fun for the whole family! I am so excited that Little Miss Everything gets to host Santa this year. We are transforming our Party area into Santa's Village. Santa will be there to listen to everything on your little ones list and make sure to bring a camera because you will be able to snap your own photos. And in true Little Miss Everything fashion expect to see a Princess or maybe even a Queen while you wait to meet Jolly Old St. Nick.

Besides Santa's Village at Little Miss Everything we have over 20 businesses participating as "Elf Stops" this year. What's an Elf Stop you ask? Why just FREE ACTIVITIES for your little one to do all afternoon long. Stop by the Brentwood Press to write a letter to Santa or J. James Bridal to make Jingle Bell Bracelets. Many of the businesses have specials during the walkabout too so it's the perfect time to start your holiday shopping. 

At your first Downtown Stop make sure to ask for a "Blackout Bingo Card". This will be your map to the day's activities. It will tell you addresses to participating businesses and give you the chance to participate in Downtown's "Blackout Bingo". Visit all participating Elf Stops and collect a "stamp" and you will be able to turn your card in at the end of the event to be entered into a raffle. All full cards (ones who visited everyone and received validation) will qualify for the raffle and the prize will be an AMAZING combination of gifts from the Downtown Businesses!  

You might be thinking "What about Adults"? The Restaurant Tasting Tour will give you the perfect taste of Downtown Brentwood. For just $15 you get a taste from 11+ restaurants in the Downtown Area, including restaurants not even open yet like Zephyr Grill (yes, you read that right. Zephyr Grill from Downtown Livermore is opening another location here in Downtown Brentwood. They will take the place of the Orleans building) and Downtown favorites (like TL Cakes, Sweeneys, Caps... I could go on and on). My husband and I participated in the tasting tour last year and it does not disappoint. We were absolutely stuffed before we had even tried them all. Restaurants like La Fuente had servings sizes much more just a "taste" and man was it delicious. This year has even more participants (plus some adult only establishments which are always fun) so needless to say I'm a little jealous I will be working and not getting my eat on. If you want to participate in the tasting tour make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time because they have sold out prior to the event the last couple of years. 

After you've walked all around Downtown, your kids are filled with holiday spirit and you are stuffed from tasting all Downtown has to offer, whip out your blankets and grab a spot on the curb to watch the Lighted Holiday Parade. This year the parade will start on First at Chestnut and will head down to Maple, then to Second, and then a left onto Oak to end at the new Chamber of Commerce location. All the participants do such a great job stringing their floats with lights and Santa will be at the end for a big finale. The Walkabout is always one of my favorite Downtown events and this year is even bigger and better than years past. We can't wait to see you all this Saturday, November 21st! 

How to Plan the Perfect Party with LME

Renae Gonzalez

Themes are quickly becoming the way to go when you can't decide how to style your party. Themes are ideal because you can plan your entire party around the color scheme, objects, or characters that make up the theme you choose. Thanks to apps and sites like Pinterest and Instagram, its easy to get inspired by the work other people have previously done. Even Youtube is a jackpot with every Joe Schmoe uploading easy how-to videos for putting together party crafts and creative food dishes. The options are endless and impressively creative from novice to expertly expert. 

Your guest list will be the next thing to consider. If you are having it at a facility that supports entertaining, there is usually a limit to how many bodies can safely fit in the space so plan accordingly. Little Miss Everything includes 8 mini guests in the party pricing with an additional cost for every mini guest after the eight. Some event centers charge for the amount of time you will rent the space. Others are free but wont allow you to bring food in and instead will suggest their on-site food services which are usually based on a per person cost. We like to keep it as simple as possible for our party parents durning the whirlwind planning process. Parties are fun to customize to the birthday girl's preference. We offer beauty services included in our party packages that can add to your theme or are just what the birthday girl asked for. Facials, make-up, manicures, and pedicures are great for spa themed parties. A hair up-do and glitter tattoos are perfect for princess themed parties. We also offer face painting and a craft to add a little extra for your mini guests. 

Sometimes the most time consuming part of an elaborate party down to the last detail is the set up. If your party space includes hosts to assist, you're already halfway through the challenge! At Little Miss Everything your party package includes two party hosts, or more depending on your party size. We are here to help with setting up and welcoming your guests at the start of your party. All of the research you did on the internet, all the constructing, cooking and baking won't go unnoticed on the big day! Be sure to give yourself enough time to build any of your props, hang banners and other decorations, layout the table spreads for creative seating and food display. Also enlist the help of willing family members and friends! They are diamonds in the rough! 

Timelines are also helpful to keep you on track before, during, and ending the event. They are handy estimations for keeping your event running smoothly if you have an allotted time frame to be in and out of your event space. Most rented spaces have a start time that doesn't include the time it takes to set up your tables, chairs, food, decor, etc. you can book an hour earlier, or a half hour earlier if possible, to set up before your event. More helping hands may mean a shorter set up time. 

Cleaning up can be a pain depending on the mess that's left over, but if you enlist helpers beforehand, or utilize the party hosts that come with your event at LME, clean up time is cut in half! Part of our party package includes this hassle-free setting where parents can host a party, leave the set up and clean up to the event hosts, and just enjoy the occasion. When all the food has been served, the cake has been cut, and the kids have moved on to another part of the party, the event hosts swoop in to pack away what may be left of your food, clean up all the garbage, and get you ready for departure without having to lift a finger. Same advantage occurs when gifts are opened. We record each gift received and who it is from as well as hide away all the unwanted bows and tissue and wrapping paper. Everything is repacked and consolidated for easy take-home. 

Whether you plan to have your party at home or at a venue, a little bit of planning goes a long way. Just remember to have fun!

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