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Little Miss Everything is a girl's clothing boutique and party place in Brentwood, California. We celebrate and help grow confident and happy girls. We sell custom and in-stock shirts, onesies, leggings, and more. We love to host birthday parties. 

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How to Plan the Perfect Party with LME

Renae Gonzalez

Themes are quickly becoming the way to go when you can't decide how to style your party. Themes are ideal because you can plan your entire party around the color scheme, objects, or characters that make up the theme you choose. Thanks to apps and sites like Pinterest and Instagram, its easy to get inspired by the work other people have previously done. Even Youtube is a jackpot with every Joe Schmoe uploading easy how-to videos for putting together party crafts and creative food dishes. The options are endless and impressively creative from novice to expertly expert. 

Your guest list will be the next thing to consider. If you are having it at a facility that supports entertaining, there is usually a limit to how many bodies can safely fit in the space so plan accordingly. Little Miss Everything includes 8 mini guests in the party pricing with an additional cost for every mini guest after the eight. Some event centers charge for the amount of time you will rent the space. Others are free but wont allow you to bring food in and instead will suggest their on-site food services which are usually based on a per person cost. We like to keep it as simple as possible for our party parents durning the whirlwind planning process. Parties are fun to customize to the birthday girl's preference. We offer beauty services included in our party packages that can add to your theme or are just what the birthday girl asked for. Facials, make-up, manicures, and pedicures are great for spa themed parties. A hair up-do and glitter tattoos are perfect for princess themed parties. We also offer face painting and a craft to add a little extra for your mini guests. 

Sometimes the most time consuming part of an elaborate party down to the last detail is the set up. If your party space includes hosts to assist, you're already halfway through the challenge! At Little Miss Everything your party package includes two party hosts, or more depending on your party size. We are here to help with setting up and welcoming your guests at the start of your party. All of the research you did on the internet, all the constructing, cooking and baking won't go unnoticed on the big day! Be sure to give yourself enough time to build any of your props, hang banners and other decorations, layout the table spreads for creative seating and food display. Also enlist the help of willing family members and friends! They are diamonds in the rough! 

Timelines are also helpful to keep you on track before, during, and ending the event. They are handy estimations for keeping your event running smoothly if you have an allotted time frame to be in and out of your event space. Most rented spaces have a start time that doesn't include the time it takes to set up your tables, chairs, food, decor, etc. you can book an hour earlier, or a half hour earlier if possible, to set up before your event. More helping hands may mean a shorter set up time. 

Cleaning up can be a pain depending on the mess that's left over, but if you enlist helpers beforehand, or utilize the party hosts that come with your event at LME, clean up time is cut in half! Part of our party package includes this hassle-free setting where parents can host a party, leave the set up and clean up to the event hosts, and just enjoy the occasion. When all the food has been served, the cake has been cut, and the kids have moved on to another part of the party, the event hosts swoop in to pack away what may be left of your food, clean up all the garbage, and get you ready for departure without having to lift a finger. Same advantage occurs when gifts are opened. We record each gift received and who it is from as well as hide away all the unwanted bows and tissue and wrapping paper. Everything is repacked and consolidated for easy take-home. 

Whether you plan to have your party at home or at a venue, a little bit of planning goes a long way. Just remember to have fun!

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