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Little Miss Everything is a girl's clothing boutique and party place in Brentwood, California. We celebrate and help grow confident and happy girls. We sell custom and in-stock shirts, onesies, leggings, and more. We love to host birthday parties. 

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220 Oak Street

Renae Gonzalez

The last couple weeks I've had trouble trying to figure out how to write this post. It's caused sleepless nights and many rewrites but as time continues to tick I know it's time to hit publish.

Being a business owner is an experience unlike one you can ever fully describe to someone unless they experience it themselves. You are never in control. You can think you are. You can have systems in place and be a smooth oiled machine but just when you think you've got it all figured out something else arises and again you're left to figure it all out again. I like to think I'm pretty good at being able to figure it out (again and again and again). I always tell my employees I have back up plans for our back up plans. There's always a plan B, C, D and E. We don't fail. To some we "just host children's parties and events" but we are responsible for keeping your children's spirit's young and their eyes filled of wonder.

As a business owner recently I've encountered my biggest obstacle yet. It's one that will be a journey for myself and my business and because it also will affect our customers I wanted to make sure and keep everyone in the loop along our journey. If you've driven by our lot within the last few weeks you might have seen a "Building for Sale" sign in the corner of the lot. My landlord has been absolutely amazing every second I've been their tenant but sadly they have decided to sell the buildings we currently rent for Little Miss Everything. This does not mean anything immediately for us. We will be at 220 Oak Street AT LEAST through August 31st and no matter what our address or location will be after that Little Miss Everything will continue. This does mean however our time at 220 Oak Street may be coming to an end after next month.

Within these four walls a lot of magic has taken place. I've been fortunate to see the dreams of little girls and boys come to life and your children have helped make some of my wildest dreams come true. If there's just a one percent chance we would be moving I want to give everyone a fair chance to experience that magic within these walls at least one more time if they'd like. We have amazing regulars we see every week at Farmers' Market and people who started simply as a customer turn into a friend because of their amazing support and willingness to continue to think of us time and time again. I know if there's a small chance we might leave it's not enough notice to give our customers a "we are moving next week" note. They need more time to experience our current home. They need another Handmade Market. They need six more weeks of Saturday morning craft and play so that is why I'm up late and letting you know there's a chance our home might change.

Although we might not call 220 Oak Street a home for much longer I'm sure the magic isn't confined to just these four walls. In 2009 I had just been laid off from teaching and made my way into a shop called Little Miss Everything as a newly pregnant, newly unemployed young adult. One might think that I was down on my luck then but had those events never happened I never would have started working and shortly thereafter owning Little Miss Everything. I am a true believer in everything happens for a reason. There are too many instances in my life that I can pinpoint an event that changed my path for the better.

As much as I envisioned myself, my children, and my business calling this plot of land our second home for far longer than this I know what lies ahead for myself and Little Miss Everything is more than I can even imagine right now. We don't have an exact move date yet nor do I completely know where we'll end up next but we will definitely keep everyone informed on our changes (and spend the six weeks making the most of our Downtown Brentwood home... we have a jam packed schedule of events planned). As always, thank you all for your continued support in everything we do. So blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives.

xo Renae