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220 Oak St
Brentwood, California 94513
United States


Little Miss Everything is a girl's clothing boutique and party place in Brentwood, California. We celebrate and help grow confident and happy girls. We sell custom and in-stock shirts, onesies, leggings, and more. We love to host birthday parties. 




Hi! I'm Renae. 

I'm a mama of two awesome little misses, Wife to a beyond supportive husband, and creator of Little Miss Everything. I've grown the most amazing local community with my Children's Boutique & Party Place and now I'm here to help you do it too. 

In 2011 my entrepreneur adventures began with Little Miss Everything. Although if I really think back I've been an entrepreneur spirit all my life... whether it was creating a restaurant in my house at the age of six or making cat's eye crafts and attempting to sell them outside in middle school I was always trying to craft up my next big idea. 

After five years of a successful Brick and Mortar business I created the Brentwood Handmade Market, a monthly local vendor fair. I wanted to help mentor other business owners to grow their businesses and give them a platform to sell to a local market. We are now in our second season of our Handmade Market and I'm loving every minute of it. 

I'm a dreamer and a doer and I always follow my heart. I'm passionate about everything I set out to do and I'm here to help you grow your business. 



SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT I've created and managed multiple social media accounts and grown interactive communities within those pages. I'd love to help bring an authentic voice to your community too. Take a look at some of my work on communities I've grown: 

- Little Miss Everything Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  (2011-present)

- Brentwood Handmade Market Facebook & Instagram (2016-present)

- Downtown Brentwood Facebook page & Instagram (2013-2016)

EMAIL MANAGEMENT I have experience with MailChimp and have managed and grown multiple email lists. I respect my customers email inbox and work to craft emails full of content and not something spammy that will take up their inbox and not be opened. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE EXTRAORDINAIRE I love to make people happy. I'm naturally a people pleasure and it's important to me that every experience someone has with me or the business I represent is a good one. I try to go above and beyond for customers and think of special and unique touches to let them know they are truly appreciated and matter. I've created tight communities within my businesses and have had great customer relations that turn to friendships over time. 

EVENT PLANNING I love planning a good party! I've planned over 600 children's birthday parties and have organized everything from small intimate conferences to large community events where thousands have attended and I was working with 20+ vendors. No matter how big or small I strive to make everyone involved feel like they are important. Event planning is really one of my strong points and I'd love to bring my expertise to your brand. 

BASIC WEBSITE CREATION Squarespace website creation experience. Willing to learn other platforms and tend to be a fast learner. 

DESIGN Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop

WHOLESALE EXPERIENCE I've been working with other brands for over six years and have experience opening and maintaining wholesale accounts with various brands. I love to seek out new items that would fit my customers needs and I enjoy researching for new product brands.

TRAVEL PLANNING Need help researching your next place to go or booking your trip. I'm your girl! I'm my family (and extended families) unofficial travel planner and love to organize a well thought out trip. Everything to booking flights, cars, and hotels to looking for fun adventures for your free time... I've planned it all and would love to help!


I love life and everything I set out to do. I'm always willing to learn new tasks and put my heart 100% into anything I'm doing. I'd love to help you grow your brand and become a part of your team!